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Night side of tidally-locked super-Earth LHS 3844b may be littered with volcanoes, study claims- Technology News, Firstpost

FP TrendingMar 05, 2021 20:30:46 IST Advertisement LHS 3844b is an exoplanet that was discovered in 2018 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Now, a latest research conducted by the researchers at the University of Bern has shown that the nightside of the planet is tectonically active, reported […]

Nearby super-Earth Gliese 486b could help scientists better understand alien atmospheres- Technology News, Firstpost

FP TrendingMar 05, 2021 19:55:25 IST Advertisement An interesting discovery by astronomers reported in a recent study could go a long way in help scientists find worlds that have an environment similar to Earth’s. An exoplanet dubbed Gliese 486b was recently discovered orbiting its star, Gliese 486. Roughly one-fifth of the sun’s mass and thrice the size of Earth (also, falling under the ‘super-Earth’ category of exoplanets), it […]

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 fitness band, Reflex 2C Pay, Reflex Tunes launched in India- Technology News, Firstpost

FP TrendingMar 05, 2021 19:47:32 IST Advertisement Fastrack has launched three new products under its Fastrack Reflex portfolio in India. The new lineup includes Fastrack Reflex 3.0 fitness band, a contactless payment solution called Fastrack Reflex 2C Pay, and Fastrack Reflex Tunes which marks Fastrack’s entry into the audio segment. Fastrack Reflex 3.0 The smart band Reflex […]

Four 300-year-old letters from the Brienne Collection is virtually unfolded, read- Technology News, Firstpost

FP TrendingMar 05, 2021 19:06:39 IST Advertisement A team of scientists have scanned four letters that were sealed for the last 300 years using an X-ray microtomography scanner. The letters were from the Brienne Collection, which was a trunk filled with 2,571 unopened letters. The trunk belonged to a postmaster and postmistress couple — Simon […]

WHO inquiry into COVID-19 origins ‘compromised by politics’, say scientists awaiting overdue report

The joint team didn’t have the mandate, independence, or accesses required to perform a full and unrestricted investigation, they wrote. Members of the WHO team Marion Koopmans (R) and Peter Ben Embarek (C) say farewell to their Chinese counterpart Liang Wannian (L), after a WHO-China Joint Study Press Conference held at the end of the […]