This 930 WHP McLaren 765LT Can Hit 60 MPH In Just 1.7 Seconds

The McLaren 765LT isn’t just a weapon around a racetrack but it is also breathtakingly quick off the line, so much so that one particular example recently dipped into the 8-second bracket while sprinting down the quarter-mile.


The 765LT is powered by a 755 HP 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 – but this is no ordinary 765LT. In fact, it has been modified by a company dubbed M Engineering and fitted with new downpipes. It also runs on MS109 race fuel and benefits from a software tune. These alterations combine to give the car more than 930 hp at the rear wheels, meaning it produces in excess of 1,000 hp at the crank.

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Moreover, in order to better put all that power to the tarmac, the modified 765LT is running on a set of sticky Toyo R888R tires.

This clip from the DragTimes YouTube channel shows the modified McLaren being put through its paces at the recent TX2K21 event in Houston, Texas. During one run, it needed just 1.7 seconds to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) and completed the quarter-mile in 8.793 seconds, making it the most accelerative McLaren on earth, all the while remaining street legal.

Shortly after setting a new record, the 765LT was lined up against a modified Audi R8 by Sheepy Race fitted with a pair of turbochargers and producing no less than 1,400 hp. While the McLaren got the better launch off the line, the extra power of the Audi helped it to take the win.


Updated: March 30, 2021 — 12:48 am

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