This Definitely Isn’t What A Truck Camper Should Look Like

Living out of a truck camper is an excellent and affordable way of traveling, but this F-150 King Ranch-based camper spotted in Florida seems to be mere moments away from breaking in half.


An image shared on Reddit shows that the camper hasn’t been properly attached to the pickup. In fact, the only thing appearing to hold the camper section in place is a yellow strap that runs over its roof and is seemingly wrapped around the frame of the F-150, between the cabin and the bed.

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A little bit of digging reveals that this pickup was first shared on Reddit in late December 2019 and quickly went viral. Not only has the camper section been precariously strapped to the truck but the weight of the camper has actually bent the bed and, in all likelihood, also bent the frame of the truck. It seems like an accident that’s just waiting to happen.

What’s even more remarkable is that, according to one Redditor, the truck continues to be driven around Florida and the camper is still fixed in place.

We have no idea how the truck’s owner has managed to avoid the attention of the authorities because, if the camper were to fall off when the truck was being driven on the open road, it would pose a serious danger to other motorists.

Updated: March 27, 2021 — 8:16 pm

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