VW Delivers First ID.4 Customer Cars In Germany


VW has delivered the first examples of the new electric ID.4 SUV to German customers in the company’s facilities in Dresden and Wolfsburg.

The cars were delivered simultaneously to their happy owners, with some of them having already an ID.3 in the family. “I just love the new ID. family, so I had to buy another one straight away,” said Mario Heyer, who is one of the first customers taking delivery of the new VW ID.4.

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Matthias Hoeper, also taking delivery of his electric VW ID.4, added: “I’m a great fan of electromobility. I’m pleased about the addition to the family and the fact that I’m one of the first people in Germany who gets to drive this car.”

VW has received 23,500 orders for the new ID.4 across Europe by the end of February, and that despite the fact that most of their dealers were closed due to the pandemic. The German carmaker plans to deliver 150,000 examples of the new ID.4 worldwide this year.

“The ID.4 launch has been very successful and the car has been well received by customers,” said Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen Board Member for Sales. “ We’ve still got great plans – we aim to deliver around 150,000 vehicles worldwide this year alone. That is about one-third of our planned output of 450,000 electric vehicles in 2021. The world car is therefore a key pillar of our accelerated electric offensive.”

VW’s dealerships are currently participating in a Europe-wide training scheme, with more than 10,000 dealers participating in Germany alone, to be able to advise customers in the best possible way in the areas of electromobility and charging.

Like the VW ID.3, the new ID.4 is being produced in Zwickau with an entirely carbon-neutral footprint, with the factory there recently starting a third shift on the second assembly line. VW’s goal is to produce more than 1,400 electric vehicles each working day during the summer, in order to meet the high demand.

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Updated: March 26, 2021 — 3:19 pm

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