Porsche Taycan Joins Carmaker’s U.S. Subscription And Rental Program


The Taycan is now available through the Porsche Drive Subscription and Rental program in the United States.

Porsche first launched its subscription and rental plan through a pilot program in Atlanta in October 2017. It has now grown to operate in Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose as well. The all-electric Taycan will be able to drive for a day, a week, or a month.

The Taycan 4S will initially be available through the Single-Vehicle Subscription or rental plan and won’t form part of the Multi-Vehicle Subscription that allows users to swap between different models each month. The subscription plan consists of a flat monthly fee that includes vehicle maintenance and insurance, but doesn’t include charging fees.

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Those who opt for the Taycan 4S will need to cough up $3,250 per month while the rear-wheel drive Taycan is available from $2,500 per month. For shorter rentals, the Taycan 4S is offered for $335 per day for 1-3 days and $295 per day for 4+ days. The entry-level, rear-wheel drive Taycan will be added to the Multi-Vehicle subscription plan later this spring.

“Think of Porsche Drive as sports car-as-a-service, a convenient digital way to access the Porsche experience,” Porsche Cars North America president and chief executive Kjell Gruner said of the program. “In three years of testing and growing the concept, together with our dealers, we have created a solution for people who prefer shorter-term and more flexible access. We always want to welcome new friends to our brand, and the fact that 80 percent of Drive customers are new to Porsche is a mark of the program’s success.”

Updated: March 26, 2021 — 12:13 pm

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