Over 82% of laptop issues in India are hardware-related, less than 18% related to software: Report- Technology News, Firstpost


With the surge in work from home and remote learning culture during the pandemic, laptop and mobile workstation shipments surged a whopping 28.3 percent year-on-year in Q3 2020, according to Canalys report. Demand for both new and old laptops, PCs, and even their components increased in this period. Naturally, with increased consumption of these devices, the wear and tear of the units also became more likely. And a recent Onsitego research found, in the 8,000 cases it recently studied in India, 82.73 percent of laptop distresses are hardware-related compared to just 17.26 percent of software related issues.

Most common hardware-related laptop issues reported in India

The report found that within hardware, while display and keyboard related problems were expected to be the topmost, surprisingly Wi-Fi connectivity emerged as the highest that stood at 27 percent of all laptop service requests.

Eighteen percent accounted for keyboard and the trackpad related issues followed by display at 15 percent, and battery and charging related glitches at 8 percent. Other hardware issues related to  audio, bluetooth, exhaust fans, hard disk, overheating, physical damage, power button, and webcam, accounted for around just two percent of laptops serviced.

In a few cases, where the root cause of the issue can’t be identified, those are mostly related to a faulty motherboard.

Most common laptop-related issues in India

Most common software-related laptop issues reported in India

Of the small number of software-related distress, 48.23 percent reported problems were related to applications and 40.3 percent related to hung systems. Less than six percent reported issues constituted of Windows update, booting, and system slowdown-related problems.

Average laptop repair cost in India

The study found that average repair cost for a laptop can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 in India.

“For example, the average cost of getting a broken display repaired or replaced on a sub-Rs 30,000 laptop is Rs 5,553, but it goes as high as Rs 8,136 for a sub-Rs 50,000 laptop and Rs 13,667 for a laptop that’s priced above Rs 50,000. Similarly, getting a keyboard or trackpad repaired for a sub-Rs 30,000 laptop costs an average of Rs 4,309, but it goes as high as Rs 10,729 for a laptop that’s priced above Rs 50,000. Users who ended up getting their laptops physically damaged had to spend anywhere between Rs 8,703 and Rs 15,351, depending on the price range of their laptop.”

Updated: March 26, 2021 — 8:29 am

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