Recreate Your Very Own ‘Seconds From Disaster’ Episode With This Machine Learning Dash Cam


With hundreds, if not thousands, of road accidents occurring within the time that it takes you to finish reading this article, the importance of dash cameras is ever essential. It’s a wonder that more modern-day cars don’t come with DVRs fitted as standard. Regardless, many have resorted to the perfectly capable aftermarket camera as a simple precaution in case of an unfortunate mishap.

While these dash cams have provided a lot of helpful evidence since their introduction (not to mention plenty of content for the likes of us to work with), their limitations mean that sometimes crucial info is missed. Enter the dash cam from Israeli start-up, Nexar. The company has taken the simple concept of a regular camera mounted to the windshield and reinvented it to collect data on the spot and piece together the moments leading up to the incident.

The Drive reports that, in the event of a collision, Nexar’s connected dash cam will locate any vehicles that have been involved in the accident and retraces their respective paths leading up to the impact using data gathered from its GPS and motion sensors. It then displays this, along with camera footage, providing a comprehensive report on a virtual dashboard. It effectively allows you or the authorities to reconstruct the event. The data is shown side-by-side with actual footage, with information such as vehicle speed and G-force.

Nexar claims their dash cams will automatically detect 90% of accidents to create a report. The data and metrics collected by the camera and sensors can be assembled into an easy-to-view report that can then be shared with insurers and authorities as evidence.

Japanese auto insurer Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance has shown interest in the idea. It has already helped deploy the cameras, stating that it’s helping “hundreds of thousands of Drivers” who have added Nexar’s dash cam into their vehicles.


Updated: March 25, 2021 — 5:42 pm

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