Hyundai Sonata Loses A Tire On Highway, Driver Continues Undeterred

The sixth-generation Hyundai Sonata is a pretty decent car, but unfortunately this one is missing something rather important: its front tire.


As you can see in this clip from Long Beach, California, the driver somehow appears clueless to the fact they’re driving on the rim. As a result, they continue traveling on the freeway as if nothing has happened.

There’s no word on what caused the Sonata to lose its tire, but we can see damage to the front bumper, fender and side skirt. However, it’s possible these components were damaged as the tire broke free.

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Regardless, one would figure most drivers would notice something was wrong when the car suddenly starts sagging and there is a loud grinding noise. Even if they were oblivious to that, handling has undoubtedly taken a hit and, in all likelihood, would stop to check what’s wrong with the car.

The clip ends with the Sonata safely exiting the freeway. What happened next remains unclear, but hopefully they either pulled over to put on a spare or had their vehicle towed to a mechanic.

Of course, this driver is far from the only one we’ve seen doing something like that. For instance, a video from last year showed a GMC Yukon driving through Chicago on three wheels. In that incident, the SUV was apparently involved in a crash which ripped off its front fascia and passenger side front wheel.


Updated: March 24, 2021 — 9:55 pm

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