Brabus Turns Electric Smart Into An ‘Urban Supercar’ With $55k New Limited-Edition 92R

After playing around with numerous Smart Fortwos, Brabus decided that the time was right to launch the new limited-edition Brabus 92R.


Brabus will build just 50 examples of the new 92R, with prices starting from €46,284 (about $55,000 at today’s rates) in its home market in Germany prior to any incentives. German customers for example benefit from an EV subsidy that amounts to €9,000 ($10,600), dropping the price of the new Brabus 92R to a more easily digestible €37,284 ($44,200).

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The new Brabus 92R is based on a Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio but comes with a more powerful electric motor, rated at a whopping 91 HP (92 PS) and 133 lb-ft (180 Nm) of peak torque, an increase of 10 HP and 15 lb-ft over the stock model.

The numbers might not be that impressive but the Brabus 92R isn’t a big car either;  we suspect it can hit the electronically limited top speed of 81 mph (130 km/h) quite quickly, aided by the zero-lag power on tap.

In addition, Brabus must be one of the first tuning companies to be able to extract more power out of an EV’s powertrain. The tuner’s engineers, technicians, and programmers developed the PowerXtra performance upgrade for the three-phase synchronous motor, which consists of a retuned torque control system, new modules for the driving dynamics switch and accelerator pedal, and a special gateway.

Inside you’ll find what Brabus calls the ‘driving fun switch’, which allows you to toggle between four different drive modes: Basic, Eco, Sport, and Sport +. Basic leaves the powertrain in its production-spec, while Eco offers increased energy recuperation when you lift off the accelerator pedal, which is significantly stronger than the production Smart EQ. Sport gives you a sharper response while energy recovery falls back into the factory setting.

In order to access the full 92 HP of the mighty Brabus 92R, you need to engage the Sport + driving mode. When engaged, 0-62 mph (100 km/h) comes in 10.9 seconds while the driving range on a full battery charge is rated up to 78 miles (125 km).

Brabus has also added a coilover suspension, along with Monoblock IX gloss black alloy wheels that measure 16- and 17-inches front and rear respectively, a complete body kit for a more athletic appearance and more. Customers can of course opt for special paint finishes and additional interior upgrades.

Updated: March 24, 2021 — 7:09 am

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