2020 Porsche Taycan Gets Free Software Update, But It Requires Visiting The Dealer

Porsche is offering new functions for the 2020 Taycan, including some that debuted in the 2021 model year, via a free software update that is currently being released.


However, this isn’t an over-the-air (OTA) update as it actually requires paying a visit to the dealer, subsequent to being contracted by or contacting Porsche. The process is expected to take two business days to complete, and if required, owners will get a loaner car.

Some of the novelties that come with the update are a more advanced navigation system, with in-depth traffic and lane-specific information, and simplified searching for charging stations inside and outside the official Porsche network.

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The charging planner can be pre-set to a specific state of charge for DC fast charging, or the system can be left alone to decide when to stop the process. Charging power can also be dropped from 270 to 200 kW for each session to optimize battery life and performance.

Wireless Apple CarPlay is part of the comfort enhancements, and vehicles equipped with the optional ambient lighting can change the color based on the music playing through the speakers.

Cars featuring the adaptive air suspension will be upgraded with the Smartlift function, which can raise the nose at steep driveways or speedbumps. These locations can be stored in the system so that the Taycan can raise its front end automatically.

The driving dynamics and performance of the electric sedans will be improved courtesy of the recalibrated software for the control units responsible for the powertrain and suspension. The optimized chassis control, which enhances slip control, will allow the Taycan Turbo S to sprint from 0 to 124 mph (0-200 km/h) in 9.6 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than before.

The Functions on Demand (FoD) feature will be offered as well, albeit via over-the-air updates. The Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keep Assist and Porsche InnoDrive will join the Intelligent Range Manager, which used to be the only available FoD for the 2020 Taycan. The function can be purchased or taken out on a monthly subscription. The latter option will include a three-month trial period, and after deciding what functions they want, owners will receive the data package in the car via the mobile phone network, with activation said to take just a few minutes.

Updated: March 23, 2021 — 11:40 am

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