You Wouldn’t Know There’s A C6 Corvette Under The $18,000 Vallara Bodykit

While this may look like a supercar built from the ground up, it is in fact a bodykit for the C6-generation Chevrolet Corvette.


The company behind the kit, Valarra, has been producing it for about 18 months but it only recently came across our radar after one of the cars was spotted at a pre-meet for the recent TX2K21 event at Houston Raceway Park, Texas.

Ordinarily, bodykits offered for performance cars like the C6 Corvette consist of redesigned front and rear bumpers, unique side skirts, and flared arches. However, the kit from Vallara is much more comprehensive and replaces virtually every panel of the ‘Vette other than the roof.

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The front of the kit includes unique headlights, a larger grille, sharp surfaces and new intakes with a forged carbon fiber finish. Also new is the hood, complete with air vents and complemented by a set of unique front wheel arches and quarter panels.

Our favorite view of the VallaraVette is from the side where new skins have been affixed to the doors, complete with sharp creases and aggressive bodylines that transform the look of the Corvette. Other alterations made include flared rear wheel arches and unique forged carbon fiber side skirts.

Completing the transformation is a rear end that has absolutely nothing in common with a standard Corvette and features a towering rear wing, unique taillights, and repositioned tailpipes.

Prices for the VallaraVette bodykit start at $18,000, not bad considering the effect it has on the stock C6.



Updated: March 22, 2021 — 7:09 pm

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