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In yet another addition to its discovery technologies, tech giant Google has unveiled the WifiNanScan app on the Play Store for developers to explore the potential of Wi-Fi Aware, as per a report published on 9to5Google. The Wi-Fi Aware technology helps devices running Android 8.0+ OS to“ detect and connect directly to one another seamlessly without any form of connectivity between them”. As technology becomes more mainstream, it will revolutionise our day-to-day activities and can play a pivotal role.

Employees in close range can share ideas and documents related to the project via synchronised devices.

Using this, one can make reservations in restaurants nearby your location without the requirement of an internet connection, even when it is closed. Users can also leverage mobile identification like a driver’s licence or passport to enhance and streamline security at airports, customs and immigration counters

In the case of businesses, Wi-Fi Aware will help them collaborate for higher output. Employees in close range can share ideas and documents related to the project via synchronised devices.

The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the technology framework detect the presence of devices nearby and frame network connections capable of transferring large pools of data. As per Google, this nascent technology features “higher throughput rates across longer distances than Bluetooth connections.”

The WifiNanScan application is a successor of the WifiRttScan App which was launched by Google two years ago to harness Wi-Fi Round Trip Time in place of GPS for indoor positioning. The tech giant has also made considerable improvements in Wi-Fi Aware in Android 12 OS for enhanced efficiency and mitigating lost connections scenario.

The application has been developed as a testing platform for vendors, developers and other stakeholders, enabling them to develop advanced peer-to-peer ranging and data transfer applications.

Updated: March 22, 2021 — 2:22 pm

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