These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries To Buy A New Range Rover

An new study has discovered the countries where buying a brand new Range Rover is the least and most expensive, and some of the prices may leave you stunned.


According to data from carinsurance, there is nowhere cheaper to buy a new Range Rover than in the United States, where prices start at $92,154. By comparison, Malaysia is the most expensive country to buy a Range Rover, with a local price of 1,444,862 RM or the equivalent of an eye-watering $356,303. This is because foreign cars in Malaysia are subject to high excise duties that inflate their prices.

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Following closely behind Malaysia is Singapore, where a Range Rover sells for what would be $354,446 in the U.S, thanks largely to local taxes aimed at reducing the number of polluting vehicles on the roads. Nine of the 10 most expensive countries to buy a Range Rover are located in Asia and include Vietnam ($352,474), Hong Kong ($336,828), Cambodia ($314,177), Brunei ($259,564), Thailand ($246,600), Myanmar ($240,271), and China ($191,046).

The only non-Asian country in the top 10 is Greece, where a Range Rover retails for the equivalent of $183,717. Other expensive countries include Portugal ($166,881), Australia ($166,141), the Netherlands ($165,647), South Korea ($164,671), and New Caledonia ($163,951).

As for the cheapest places to buy a Range Rover, other than the United States, countries in the top 10 include Canada ($92,253), Bahrain ($101,054), Qatar ($111,710), Romania ($111,956), Oman ($114,685), UK ($115,101), Kuwait ($120,882), Morocco ($120,999), and Kazakhstan ($122,898).

Updated: March 21, 2021 — 6:44 pm

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