Honda Introduces Grass Miimo, Its Improved Robot Mower

The dream of a big lawn is spoiled only by the need to mow it in order to stay in shape. But in 2017, Honda introduced a robot mower, making things easier. Now it’s introducing the robot mower to orchards.


The Grass Miimo works much like its predecessor, only better. With an operating range of 4,000 square meters (43,055 sq ft), the robot is now being advertised as a way to help small orchards and farms.

In Honda’s words (as translated by Google then edited slightly for clarity):

Consider how easy it would be if we lost the burden of mowing the grass,
Consider how rich your daily life will be,
The robot mower Grass Miimo was born for such a thought,
One that wipes out the trouble of mowing the grass. This summer, it is finally here.

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The Grass Miimo pretty much acts like an iRobot. You do have to set the boundary with an electric wire, but it can be buried. It then mows the lawn, bouncing off of any obstructions and staying within a set space, while when it detects the boundary, it changes direction and mows the lawn randomly.

When it thinks it’s running out of battery, the Grass Miimo simply returns to its charging base until it’s ready to go again.Kind of like a wireless charger available on some electrified cars.

Better still, you can set the Grass Miimo to work any time you like. So, if you want to wake up to the smell of freshly mown grass with your coffee, you can time it to run overnight or in the afternoons, or whenever you please. And since it’s electric, the sound is kept to a minimum.

The mower will not work on grass that is longer than 10 cm (~4-inches) and will not be able to climb a hill of more than 25 degrees of inclination.

Interested parties can apply for one from now until April 17. It seems like it will only be available to applicants with larger plots of grass to keep short. No price has been announced, but the regular Miimo sells for $2,500.

Updated: March 21, 2021 — 12:09 pm

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