2000 BMW 7-Series In Pristine Condition Commandeers $80K Asking Price

For the most part, luxury cars like the BMW 7-Series plummet in value the moment they leave the dealership floo,r but this particular 2000 7-Series has seemingly bucked that trend with a sky-high asking price of $79,500.


The car is up for sale in the Township of Washington, New Jersey, and is a desirable 740iL that is said to be in “factory new condition.” Indeed, the listing says that the car is in such good condition that “the incredible new car smell overwhelms you as soon as you open the door… It literally smells like the car just rolled off the showroom floor only seconds ago.”

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No modifications have been made to the car, other than the fitment of clear turn signals, side markers, and taillights. The eBay listing reveals the seller purchased the car from a collector in Salisburg, North Carolina who garaged the 7-Series its entire life. The seller has since stored the car, only driving it up and down their driveway twice a month to keep everything fresh.

A look at the photos on eBay showcase a car that has been well cared for and is very clean. There is no visible wear-and-tear on the paint and the original wheels are free of damage. The interior has been equally well looked after with grey leather adorning the seats and door panels. Wooden trim gives you an early 2000s vibe and the seller claims the interior is perfect, albeit for a few slightly faded pixels on the central screen.

Updated: March 21, 2021 — 11:19 pm

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