Here’s That $101,000+ 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Obsidian That Trades Opulence For Sinister, Dark Look

The launch of the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was greeted by much interest and more than a little wonderment (and skepticism, as far as pricing is concerned) at the shiny, luxurious, opulent SUV. There is a much darker trim level for all those who want a toned-down, sinister luxury SUV, though.

The Grand Wagoneer Obsidian is the second-highest trim level for the Grand Wagoneer and as such commands at least $100,995 (including a $2,000 destination charge) price tag, with the pre-configured version set at $107,980.


Although it will be available in Diamond Black exterior paint, buyers will be able to opt for more than just one color.

Jeep has promised that five colors, including Bright White, Silver Zynith, Velvet Red, and Baltic Gray, will be available for all trims. Two-tone paint, with a black roof section, does come standard on Obsidian, though.

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It’s everything around the paint that will be black. That will include tinted glass, black accents, black mirror caps, black badging, and a black grille. It will also get black wheels, 22-inch wheels as standard.

Inside, meanwhile, you get a 12-inch Uconnect touchscreen, Palermo leather-trimmed seats, front passenger display, rear-seat entertainment, the 1,375-watt McIntosh MX1375 entertainment system, and Amazon Fire TV Auto. According to Motor Trend, it also gets dark-hued chiseled metal instruments and piano black appliques.

Naturally, a vehicle this at-one with the night gets the Grand Wagoneer’s night vision camera as well as a rear-seat monitoring camera to keep an eye on kids alllllll the way in the back seat.

Orders on the Obsidian model are expected to start this summer, a little later than the rest of the lineup.

H/T tip to Motor Trend

Updated: March 19, 2021 — 5:37 pm

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