Tesla Model Y Rear-Ends SUV, Driver Blames Autopilot


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what can happen if you don’t pay attention while driving.

The following photo was recently shared to the Tesla Model Y group on Facebook and shows a white Model Y that rear-ended a white SUV.

The incident occurred in Miami Beach and, according to the person who shared the photo, the driver of the Tesla claimed that the Autopilot system failed to brake, sending the EV slamming into the rear of the SUV. While it’s possible Autopilot was enabled at the time of the crash, the system still requires drivers to pay attention and be ready to intervene at all times.

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It is unclear how fast the Tesla was traveling at the moment of impact, but the damage caused is significant. The entire front end of the Model Y has been crushed and at least one of the wheels appears to have been destroyed. Meanwhile, the SUV’s bumper has been badly damaged and as the vehicle is now sitting on the windshield of the Model Y, it too has probably been cracked.

Regardless of whether or not Autopilot was enabled at the time of the crash, it’s pretty obvious that the driver of the Tesla is to blame for the crash and will have some explaining to do to the authorities – and, possibly, their insurance provider.

Updated: February 24, 2021 — 12:28 am

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