Heartbreak For Drift Fans As Ebisu Circuit Is Buried After Earthquake

A powerful earthquake rocked the coast of Fukushima, in Japan over the weekend. The quake measured a sizeable 7.3 on the Richter scale, and was followed by continued aftershocks. The event left over 100 people injured, and occurred just before the 10th anniversary of a deadly quake that triggered a Tsunami, killing over 18,000 people.

Fortunately, no deaths have been reported from Sunday morning’s quake. Less fortunately, there has been extensive property damage, including the destruction of a place many petrol heads hold to dear their heart: the Ebisu Circuit.


The Ebisu Circuit is much-loved amongst drift fans. Located in the Fukushima prefecture, the tracks that make up the circuit are known for their challenging elevation changes and breath-taking views.

The circuit was designed by drifting legend Nobushige Kumakubo, who is reported to be safe. The course comprises seven tracks, and two skid pads, a large portion of which seem to have been damaged, either suffering from torn-up asphalt or caked in landslide debris.

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The circuit also forms a part of a safari park, with caged animals, who have been reportedly unharmed after the quake.

It’s not the first time disaster has struck the track. In 2011, following the 9.0 Magnitude quake that caused even greater destruction, the circuit was affected similarly, with several drift cars buried or destroyed.

While it’s not clear precisely what the damage is, and how it will be repaired, it’s safe to assume that the Ebisu Circuit will be out of commission for the foreseeable future.

We wish anyone injured a speedy recovery, and hope to see the track and its multiple circuits restored to their former glory as soon as possible.

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Updated: February 16, 2021 — 3:43 am

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