Watch An SUV Driver Wreak Havoc In A Parking Lot

If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, it will have an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal. All sounds rather straightforward, doesn’t it? However, time and time again motorists confuse the two pedals and trigger accidents like these.


It is unclear where and when this happened, but it was filmed from the security camera overlooking a parking lot and is apparently spreading like wildfire on Reddit.

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The clip starts out relatively benign, showing the driver of a silver SUV gently reversing out of their parking space. However, as the driver continues to pull out, they hit the throttle a little too hard, spinning up the rear wheels and sending the SUV straight into two parked cars, one of which looks to be an Audi. At the moment of impact, a pedestrian comes into view of the camera and can be seen throwing his hands up into the air.

Unfortunately, things don’t stop there. Rather than gently moving forward and parking the SUV to assess the damage, the driver shifts into drive and once again hits the throttle far too hard, crashing into a BMW and a red Toyota Camry. The pedestrian appears shocked by what he is seeing.

Parking lot accidents like this are all too common and on occasion, can cause people to be injured – or worse. It’s impossible to pinpoint the reason why the driver of the SUV did what they did, but they inflicted some serious damage.

Control your acceleration. from r/IdiotsInCars

Updated: February 14, 2021 — 6:31 pm

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