This Dodge Charger Ute Is The Rampage Successor You Never You Knew You Wanted

We sometimes find ourselves jealous of the Australian car market, as they get to have utes, while we don’t. The last time we got a Dodge ute in the U.S. was with the Rampage back in the 1980s. However, there are few conversion kits on the market that can provide you with the car-truck mashup of your dreams, and that is exactly what the owner of this Dodge Charger did.


Listed for sale on Bring a Trailer, this Charger got its pickup bed from Smyth Performance’s conversion kit, which includes rear and quarter windows, fiberglass quarter panels and rear window surround, a steel tailgate, a rear roll pan, aluminum roof and B-pillar reinforcements, inner structural bed sides, a corrugated aluminum bed floor, and Chrysler minivan taillights.

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The car’s visuals are rather subdued, with black paint and a grey interior. However it does have 20-inch Hellcat-style wheels and orange brake calipers to help it stand out, assuming the pickup bed didn’t already catch your eye first. The interior is standard Dodge, and it’s in pretty good condition for its age, with the only real damage being a crack in the outside driver’s seat bolster. It features heated power seats, dual-zone climate control, and the factory AM/FM/cassette/CD stereo.

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Since this is an R/T model, it comes with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that sends 340 hp (345 PS / 254 kW) and 390 lb-ft (529 Nm) of torque to the rear wheels via a five-speed automatic transmission. Some other modifications include Eibach lowering springs, Koni dampers, and polished rectangular exhaust outlets.

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The car odometer reads just over 68,000 miles, and only around 300 of those were added since the seller bought the car back in 2018. The relatively low mileage is certainly a testament to how this car’s been treated, as well as the provided service documentation. Since 2018, it has received replacement of brake wear components, steering and front suspension components, the alternator, the battery, the coolant-expansion tank, and the air filter.

Overall, this Charger ute seems like a tempting prospect. At the time of writing, and with five days left until the auction ends, the highest bid stood at $8,500, so if you’re interested, you might want to make an offer.

Updated: February 11, 2021 — 3:00 am

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