Pickup Driver Somehow Survives Falling 70 Ft Off Milwaukee Bridge


The driver of a pickup truck has miraculously survived a fall of about 70 feet after plunging off an exit ramp bridge in Milwaukee.

Footage from a Wisconsin Department of Transportation camera of the complex Zoo Interchange in the state shows a red pickup truck hitting the side of a ramp before crashing over the concrete barrier and falling 70 feet to the road below. The pickup spins through the air and falls on its wheels.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that authorities arrived at the scene shortly after the crash. Two other motorists were lending their assistance and the male driver of the pickup was both conscious and breathing. He was transported to a local hospital by the Milwaukee Fire Department although details about his current condition are unclear.

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A sheriff’s office investigation states that the man was driving on the ramp from westbound I-94 to I-41 when he lost control. While it is unclear why he lost control, the pickup crashed through a small snow bank next to the barrier before falling down onto the westbound I-94 distress lane.

Things could have been much worse. Had the pickup flipped over the barrier and landed on its roof, it’s unlikely the driver would have survived. While unlikely, it is also possible that the pickup truck could have landed on another vehicle on the road below, causing even more destruction.


Updated: February 11, 2021 — 6:11 pm

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