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Made for the alpha male

This beard trimmer is rechargeable and can operate plugged in or cordless, making it highly versatile. On a fully charged battery, the trimmer works for up to 45 minutes, perfect if you are on the go or using it outdoors. We found that styling and maintaining our beard length was effortless with the precision cutting stainless steel blades. The rechargeable battery is removable and can be swapped out when required, extending the lifespan. The premium quality blades and build make this beard trimmer one of our favorites and easy to recommend.

A worthy addition to your grooming kit

With self-sharpening blades that offer a precision cut and a design that makes gripping it a pleasure, this beard trimmer has a lot going for it. The trimmer’s rounded blades ensure they cause no skin irritation and glide over your skin, making sure your skin stays smooth and has that cared for look. The trimming blades are designed to be removable for easy cleaning ensuring their longevity and performance. If you are considering investing in a beard trimmer then this one should be on your radar.

Because your beard is your pride

This beard trimmer was just a pleasure to try out. The blades felt keen and the free-floating head holding the blades, designed to give you a smoother trim makes for a glorious start to the morning. The trimmer ships with a charging cord and three grooming attachments helping you shape your beard or trim at varying lengths. Trimming your sideburns, maintaining a rugged stubble or shaping a goatee, keeping up with the latest trending beard styles has never been easier. For its ease in use and delivering perfect grooming results every time this beard trimmer makes our list.

Styling made easy

The durability and sharpness of the steel blades of this trimmer are the reasons why this trimmer makes our list. The trimmer can be set at three levels, from 0.1mm for a clean-cut look to 6mm,9mm, and 10mm for grooming and styling. The blades lightly brush against each other during operation keeping themselves sharp ensuring the longevity of the blades and saving you the hassle of using a razor. Weighing just 200 grams and boasting the quietest operation from all the trimmers we tested this beard trimmer makes a solid case for why it should be a must-have addition to your grooming kit.

Updated: February 11, 2021 — 8:17 pm

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