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Amazing cleaning action

This product is highly advanced and vibrates at a frequency of 40,000 strokes per minute. It removes plaque with better efficiency than your manual option. It can clean the hard to reach areas with utmost efficiency. The toothbrush cleans and polishes and also massages your teeth to give you a relaxing and fulfilled experience. The charging of this toothbrush is extremely convenient. With just 4 hours of charging it can last for up to 25 days. It comes with two extra brush heads as well. The Agarao Cosmic Electric toothbrush would feel like a regular visit to your dentist, only way better!

Best Oral Care Option

Yet another amazing option, the JSB HF129 Electric Toothbrush provides 31000 vibrations per minute thus effectively relieving your tooth from plaque. It comes with 3 extra toothbrush heads and provides a comfortable oral cleaning experience. It also provides long battery backup for convenient charging. This toothbrush would surely make you feel fresh and energized compared to a manual option as it cleans and massages your teeth as well which a manual one would not. The bristles are also super soft so you would not feel any discomfort while brushing either. The price of the product is also affordable compared to its features and quality.

For healthy gums

The Wurze 1901 Super Sonic Toothbrush provides 40000 strokes per minute thus removing almost 99% of the plaque and germs. It comes with a 5mm wide pulsating head that effectively cleans gums. In an entire day of charge, this toothbrush can last about 30 days. It comes with different modes to clean, polish, massage, and whiten the teeth. This toothbrush can get rid of almost all the dirt and germs and remaining food particles off your mouth. It efficiently removes stains and polishes your teeth. The automatic timer provided helps with even cleaning of your teeth to make sure you are not too harsh with them. There is also a sensitive mode for first-time users to give them that extra gentle feel.

Superior cleaning technology

The Mi Electric Toothbrush provides an 18000 vibrations per minute deep and efficient cleaning of your mouth. With absolutely no effort, you get a thorough and effective cleaning of your mouth and gums in no time. It gives your mouth a refreshing clean up every day. It comes with dual pro brush modes to match your preference. A single full charge of the toothbrush would last 30 days. Its 1PX7 design makes it waterproof. It is an affordable purchase option compared to the list of brilliant features it provides.

Updated: February 10, 2021 — 5:32 pm

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