Land Rover Defender Tows A Massive Car Transporter On Ice With Ease


The new Land Rover Defender is an off-roading weapon and, as it turns out, doubles as an excellent tow vehicle.

When delivering seven new Land Rovers to the Stafford dealership in the UK, the car transporter got stuck on the icy, snow-covered roads. That’s where the Defender came into its own and managed to pull the transporter.

Admittedly, this isn’t a simple case of the Defender pulling the truck from a dead stop without any assistance. Instead, the driver of the truck was also hitting the throttle, providing the Land Rover with the little bit of extra traction and power it needed to start moving forward. It is an impressive feat regardless.

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The description of the video fails to mention what specific variant of the Defender this is. However, we suspect it was one of the available diesel models that are sold in the UK.

When the new Defender was first launched, it was available in D240 guise featuring a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbodiesel producing 237 hp. However, Land Rover replaced this variant with the D300 in September last year. This model features a new Ingenium six-cylinder diesel engine with 296 hp and an impressive 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque that uses mild-hybrid technology to improve its responsiveness and fuel efficiency.


Updated: February 7, 2021 — 2:43 am

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