Volvo Experience Design Study Shows Shared Mobility Need Not Be Boring

This design study from former Volvo Studio intern Kevin Goldwasser shows us a shared mobility concept that might just catch on as it appears to answer the lesser asked question of ‘what may car sharing look like for those who like vehicles to have some character?’


Rather than envisioning some kind of driverless transportation pod, this concept encompasses Volvo as a lifestyle brand. It aims to provide an all-in-one solution for shared mobility, embracing those who like to lead an active lifestyle.

“I created this ‘Volvo Experience’ which offers customizable trips with a car fitted to every situation,” says Goldwasser. “The customer can choose what kind of trip he or she wants to take, by choice of terrain or activity.”

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Unlike the vast majority of shared mobility concepts, this design study avoids focusing solely on automotive-soul-sucking issues such as congestion or emissions. Instead, it wants to provide a one-size-fits-all alternative that facilitates everything — from mountain biking to surfing. It does so with customizable interior configurations and even external add-ons such as a camping roof. “I wanted to think of a sharing service that enables every sports or nature enthusiast to book such a car, if only for a few days,” says Goldwasser.

Design-wise, the Volvo Experience takes inspiration from the boxy-yet-iconic lines of the Volvo 240 Estate. In contrast, the inspiration for some of the more flowing surfaces was drawn from Volvo’s P1800S Rocket.

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The idea of an all-round lifestyle car isn’t a new one (Citroen C3 Pluriel, anyone?). But when it comes to a shared mobility concept, it’s an exciting solution that may appeal to manufactures and users alike.

The design study’s creator, Kevin Goldwasser, is a technology management graduate who also interned at BMW and Audi’s design departments. While the Volvo Vision may never see the light of day, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the kind of solution manufacturers might want to consider giving us one day.

Note: This is an independent design concept from Kevin Goldwasser and is not related to or endorsed by Volvo

Updated: February 6, 2021 — 9:16 pm

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