Undercover Boss: Mystery Of Bruce Springsteen Jeep Ad Will Be Solved On Super Bowl Sunday

A Nebraska airport is at the center of a security leak that’s actually fun for once. The Hastings airport may have spilled the beans on Bruce Springsteen’s latest job.

The airport posted in a now-deleted Facebook post that Bruce Springsteen had landed at its airport in order to film a Super Bowl commercial with Jeep and Nebraskans have been very charmingly excited about it.


So far the Lincoln Journal Star and NTV, the local ABC affiliate, have looked into the case of the undercover Boss, but neither has been able to officially confirm whether or not Springsteen was in the state.

Although NTV called gas stations, hotels, and even grocery stores, none could confirm whether or not the Boss had been around. It also reached out to Springsteen’s agent, but the best it could do was confirm that an A-list celebrity was there.

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The Lincoln Star Journal, meanwhile, reached out to Nebraska Film Officer Laurie Richards, who couldn’t say anything, likely because of a non-disclosure agreement. Locals did seem to be aware, though, that Jeep was filming a commercial nearby.

The question of why is one that geography buffs may already have answered. Apart from the area’s natural beauty, it’s on the way to Lebanon, Kansas, which is the geographical center of the United States. Not a bad place to film a Super Bowl ad.

Whatever the case, one thing seems clear. Nebraskans are charmingly confused by the fact that a big star should like to be there. And also that Jeep is planning something for its next ad campaign.

Updated: February 5, 2021 — 6:43 pm

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