This Is The Volcon Runt, An Electric Motorcycle For Kids That Costs $2,995


A few months after electric powersports company Volcon previewed an electric motorcycle and two electric ATVs, the company has announced an all-electric kid-friendly motorcycle dubbed ‘Runt.’

The Runt is a miniature version of Volcon’s full-size ‘Grunt’ electric motorcycle and like its bigger sibling, the Runt has been designed to explore the outdoors in all manner of terrains and conditions.

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While the company has not announced technical specifications about the Runt, it has confirmed that it is equipped with app-driven geo-fencing controls, remote monitoring, performance limiters and tip-over notifications to ensure parents can keep an eye on their children when they are out riding. The Runt also includes three riding modes to suit the riders’ abilities.

Volcon also offers a choice of different seats and handlebars with different heights to ensure kids don’t quickly outgrow the bike. The Runt is capable of running for 35 miles (56 km) on a single charge and can be recharged in two hours through a normal household socket. It is priced from $2,995.

“With the addition of the Runt, the entire family can experience off-road powersports adventures through Volcon’s two and four-wheeled models,” chief executive of Volcon Andrew Leisner said. “The no-clutch, single-speed, electric powertrain is easier for young riders to learn and the new app-based controls will give parents the ability to monitor their children and regulate the power of the motorcycle. The Runt paired with our Grunt will bring new families into the freedom and fun that off-road powersports provides.”

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Updated: February 5, 2021 — 7:21 pm

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