Dodge Challenger Slams Into Another Car While Racing Tesla Model 3 On Freeway


The exterior cameras of a Tesla Model 3 have captured the moment a black Dodge Challenger rear-ends another car at high speeds while racing the EV.

This video comes from the Wham Baam TeslaCam channel on YouTube and initially shows a white Tesla Model 3 speeding through traffic on a U.S. highway and swerving around slower-moving vehicles.

It is understood that one of the vehicles the Tesla overtook was a black Dodge Challenger. None too pleased with this, the driver of the Challenger hit the throttle of the powerful muscle car and began to chase down the Model 3. At one stage, the Tesla overtakes an SUV in the fast-lane while the Challenger overtakes the same SUV from the right.

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Subsequently, both drivers began to merge in front of it but, unfortunately, only the Tesla managed to make it. In the Dodge driver’s attempt to merge, they seem to have horribly misjudged the distance to a car directly in front and ended up slamming into its rear.

The rear-facing camera of the Model 3 shows that the force of the impact lifted the bystander’s car briefly into the air before it slammed into the concrete barrier on the side of the highway. The Challenger then rear-ended a second vehicle.

It goes without saying that the Challenger driver is solely to blame for this crash and the reckless driving just prior to the collision. Here’s hoping both that no one was hurt and that the drivers of the Dodge and the Tesla learned a valuable lesson from this incident about the dangers of reckless driving.


Updated: February 3, 2021 — 11:48 pm

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