Gran Turismo 7 Will Be A Return To The Series’ Classic Games

I’ve long held that, for the kids of my generation, video games played the role that bedroom posters played for previous generations. So it will be reassuring to millennials that Gran Turismo 7 will be more like the games they grew up with.


That’s according to Kazunori Yamauchi, the Polyphony Digital CEO and producer of the Gran Turismo series, who told Octane Japan that although the new game will maintain some of the innovations brought by Gran Turismo Sport, it will also hark back to games of old.

Gran Turismo Sport stood out as a new evolution in the series when it came out in 2017. With its narrow focus on online gaming and FIA-sponsored esports, though, it may have been alienating to some of the series fans.

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“It may have seemed quite outlandish for some people!” said Yamauchi. “While inheriting elements such as the [FIA] championship realized in Sport, Gran Turismo 7 will return to the royal purpose of full volumes like [Gran Turismo] 1-4, and provide the best Gran Turismo experience at present.

It sounds, therefore, like Gran Turismo 7 will be a bigger game than Gran Turismo Sport and it will be interesting to see how extensive the single-player campaign will be. Sim racing fans will no doubt hope that series doesn’t go the arcade route of Forza Horizon.

Either way, it seems that the game won’t simply be a nostalgia trip. According to GT Planet, the studio has promised that the game will be a combination of the “past, present, and future of Gran Turismo.”

No date has been announced for the launch of Gran Turismo 7, but the studio has promised that it will be released this year.

Updated: February 2, 2021 — 1:07 pm

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