Some C8 Corvette Owners Are Experiencing Condenser Damage

While the Chevrolet C8 Corvette has been extremely well-received by the press and customers alike, owners are starting to experience one particularly annoying problem.


Found at either corner of the front bumper are large openings for both the air conditioner and radiator condensers. For whatever reason, General Motors didn’t design any kind of grille to prevent damage to them. And now, with deliveries of the 2020MY Corvette wrapped up, owners are starting to report damage to these condensers.

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Images and videos posted to social media show that the fins of the condensers are being damaged and bent after impacts with small stones and other road debris. Of course, this isn’t a problem exclusive to the ‘Vette as many other cars (and motorcycles) experience similar damage to the fins of radiators, condensers, and front-mounted intercoolers. Pictures of the red C8 Corvette you see show how its condensers look like after just 689 miles of driving.

A C8 Corvette with a mesh grille protector

In a statement issued to The Drive, General Motors confirmed that damaged fins will not impact the performance of the sports car.

“What people are seeing is cosmetic,” GM said. “We have determined that it does not degrade the performance of the vehicle.”

While the damage doesn’t impact performance, it can be quite an eyesore, particularly since the condensers of the C8 are so visible.

Fortunately, a number of aftermarket companies, such as Custom Car Grills, RaceMesh Grilles and Radiator Grill Store, are offering grille mesh inserts designed to solve this problem. All of them are very affordable and appear to work effectively in preventing damage to the condenser fins. Makes you wonder why GM didn’t offer mesh covers in the first place, doesn’t it?


Updated: February 1, 2021 — 11:40 am

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