In-Car Coffee Makers Have Evolved A Lot Over That Last 40 Years

I was wondering aloud the other day if EVs and the need to recharge them would be a boon for the small towns of the world. Introducing drivers to a bit of boredom and those bored rechargers to shops sounds like a match made in heaven. Then I remembered how cheap parents are.

Although I still think that small towns along major routes may benefit from having charging stations in their downtowns, I think the experience for most children will be like going to a movie theater with your parents: all granola bars secreted away, waiting for loud noises to crack open cans of pop, and, in the case of the car, brewing your own little cup of coffee while the kids stare enviously at the people in who are buying things.


So how good is the coffee that you could brew in your car? YouTube’s James Hoffman has set out to test in-car coffee makers from 1979 vs today’s product to see if the industry has improved at all.

And the answer is a resounding yes. Testing a kettle with a cheap filter in an Aston Martin vs, basically, a tiny Mr Coffee Hoffman discovers that the best ’70s technology did not a happy coffee-drinker make.

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The kettle took a very long time to boil, the filter would have been better suited to Turkish coffee, and the result was a very unhappy James Hoffman.

But today’s coffee maker is actually not bad. Admittedly, the coffee maker is tiny, serving only 150 ml (about 5 oz) of coffee. The good news is, if you’re driving your kids around in your Model X, they probably won’t want any. There might be a fight between the front seat passengers about who needs the first cup more, though.

Apparently both can be anchored down to make them a little more stable, but the addition of G forces to boiling water seems like a bad idea no matter how unlikely the machine is to move.

Still, if you’re absolutely determined not to give “Fourbucks” any more of your hard-earned money, that doesn’t grow on trees (and you’ll learn that one day, kiddo), turns out you can actually have an acceptable cup of coffee.

Updated: January 27, 2021 — 6:37 pm

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