Cupra Formentor Wants To Prevent You From “Car Dooring” Cyclists


Cupra is trying to save cyclists with a feature that will beep if you’re opening your door as one zips by.

The Exit Warning technology, which is featured by the Formentor, is trying to prevent car occupants from “car dooring” cyclists, something that isn’t just dangerous because of the initial impact, but the risk of subsequent impacts as well.

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The company cites UK statistics, which show that, in 2018, 17,550 cyclists were injured, many in “car dooring” incidents, and 99 perished. Across Europe, cyclists account for about 8 percent of total deaths, according to, and the number is slowly rising.

So steps are required to help combat cycling injuries. The Formentor uses rear facing cameras, which can detect passing traffic, in order to give the driver and passengers an audible warning if they’re about to open their door while something is coming by. The company suggests using the technology along with the “Dutch Reach” technique, which recommends using the hand farthest from the door to open it, giving drivers and passengers a better view of what’s outside before swinging the door open.

The Formentor is the first vehicle developed exclusively by Cupra. It is a coupe SUV that’s available with seven powertrains, including two plug-in hybrids, ranging in power from 148 to 306 HP.

Updated: January 27, 2021 — 1:04 pm

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