Corvette C7 Takes To Gotham City Streets As Batmobile In Batwoman TV Series

Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile¬†made its first appearance on the season two premiere of the CW’s “Batwoman” series, but we almost got to see it sooner.


According to showrunner Caroline Dries in an interview with¬†Insider, the car was supposed to appear at the end of season one when they started designing it, but the OVID-19 pandemic got in the way and they had to push its reveal back. She then went on to say the delay was fortuitous, as they got to introduce the car as a if it were a new “character” in the premiere.

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The new Batmobile appeared on Sunday’s premiere when Tommy Elliot (Warren Christie), posing as Bruce Wayne, breaks into the Batcave and steals it. He then uses the vehicle to chase down Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) to steal Batwoman’s suit so he can rule over Gotham as a Batman imposter.

The car being used for the Batmobile is a Corvette, specifically a C7. Dries said it’s “based on a new Corvette chassis” which is partially correct, as while the mid-engined C8 is the newest generation, the C7 is still relatively new considering the Corvette’s been around for over 60 years. The car receives the VFX treatment to give it its wings and “extra gack,” as Dries called it. And even if it’s not the brand new Corvette, it’s certainly an upgrade from the motorcycle Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) rode around Gotham on in season one.

You can check out a few snapshots of the new Batmobile for yourself in the video below.

Updated: January 23, 2021 — 12:37 pm

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