Devil’s Advocate: Here’s Why A BMW iX M Makes Sense

Even though BMW hasn’t said anything about a possible M version of its fully-electric iX SUV, the carmaker has confirmed (and is already testing) an i4 M, which means battery-electric M cars are happening whether we like it or not.


While purists might have a thing or two to say on the matter, we’d argue that resistance is literally futile. It’s not like M cars, AMGs or Audi Sport models will have any choice but to go full-electric once governments begin implementing ICE bans.

In terms of what a hypothetical iX M may look like, this render by X-Tomi Design does a decent job at stimulating our imagination. The designer took an M Sport version of the iX, restyled the front bumper so as to resemble the one on traditional M cars, added larger wheels and black trim elements (mirror casings, grille surround, window frames), and lowered the ride height.

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Is this a better look for the iX? Tough to say. This isn’t a great-looking vehicle to begin with, but you could say that its appearance would be more dynamic if the exterior was configured this way.

Then there’s the performance, which is definitely more important. Here are the variables: the regular iX features a 100 kWh battery and two electric motors that produce 496 HP (503 PS), while offering a total range of more than 300 miles (600 km). BMW claims that the iX can accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 5.0 seconds, which is great for an SUV of this size, but an iX M would definitely need to be quicker to justify its designation.

The ICE-powered X5 M has a 600 HP 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 and can hit 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds. So then how much power would make sense for the iX M in order for customers to not feel short-changed? Probably around 650 HP if the goal is to get it to a sub 4-second time.

So, could something like this happen? At this point, it’s too early to tell. Given the industry’s charge towards electrification, though, it certainly wouldn’t surprise us.

Note: This is an independent illustration made by X-Tomi and is in no way related to or endorsed by BMW

Updated: January 1, 2021 — 7:07 pm

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