One Of The Most Profilic Car Designers Of The 2000s Reacts To Cyberpunk 2077

Frank Stephenson, like the rest of the internet, has been playing Cyberpunk 2077. The famed designer has given the game’s car’s his trademark criticism in his latest YouTube video.

The channel has been providing criticism (good and bad) on real vehicles and with the holiday season, has taken a turn for the virtual. Cyberpunk 2077 has been getting a lot of criticism in its own right, but very few people take exception to its aesthetic and nor does Stephenson.


He takes a quick look at a number of the vehicles in the game and finds a lot to love. He calls Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson a fist perfect for any robber baron. He calls the Quadra Turbo R Vtec a mess, but ultimately a lovable one. And he’s even impressed that the designers thought to add some cheaper cars.

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His real love, though, is for the motorcycles. And no wonder. A number of them were designed by Gard Hollinger, the co-founder of Arch Motorcycle. The team there make a low volume motorcycle that is designed collaboratively with the buyer

It makes sense, then, that working with the game’s developers, CD Projekt, was a match made in heaven. In fact, the bike in the game is based on a real motorcycle produced by Arch, the Method 143.

Stephenson says he would choose the Arch Nazare over any other vehicle in the game. He calls it the future interpretation of a Cafe Racer.

“I love what they’ve done,” says Stephenson, offering that he’s intrigued by the team’s decision not to go all white plastics and optimism. In many ways, it’s the perfect game for our times. Its dark aesthetic, rooted in the past is a reflection of our own disappearing optimism.

Updated: December 30, 2020 — 4:40 pm

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