Elon Musk Wanted Apple To Buy Tesla At $60 Billion Valuation, Tim Cook Wouldn’t Even Take Meeting

Elon Musk is no stranger to putting out shocking tweets. However, every now and then he’ll reveal something that’s completely out of the blue, such as how Apple CEO Tim Cook refused to even take a meeting with Musk in order to discuss acquiring Tesla.

This supposedly took place back when Tesla was struggling with the development of the Model 3 and was burning through cash fast, reports Bloomberg.


So even though Apple has been busy developing self-driving technology and is yet again looking to launch a fully-electric car, the fact that they could have had Tesla at 1/10 of its current value has to sting on some level.

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Tesla’s current market cap is estimated at more than $650 billion, and Apple may have been able to buy it for around $60 billion, had Cook agreed to meet with Musk and discuss terms.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on Musk’s tweet, as did Tesla, which was to be expected.

Speaking of Apple, it recently came out that its Project Titan vehicle is back on track for a 2024 reveal. This car is meant to be fully electric (with a new battery design) and will feature advanced self-driving technologies. Still, it’s possible that Apple will ultimately decide against launching a car, and will focus instead on its autonomous driving tech.

Despite Tesla recently claiming the title of world’s most valuable carmaker, it is still worth less than a third of Apple’s market capitalization.

Updated: December 23, 2020 — 1:43 pm

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