[email protected] Will Allow Customers To Buy Cars Without Ever Visiting A Dealership

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how people buy cars as online sales have exploded in popularity.

A number of companies weren’t ready for the dramatic shift, but they adapted by rolling out new and improved online sales portals.


The latest is Nissan which has announced their [email protected] program. It’s being billed as a “complete online shopping” experience, which will allow people to buy a new vehicle without leaving their home.

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[email protected] will be available from participating U.S. dealerships in the coming months and it promises a “seamless online experience.” Using the service, shoppers will be able to schedule a test drive, manage the purchase process, take delivery, and handle service needs from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

While customers can choose to go to a dealership at any point in the buying process, they can avoid the trip altogether by completing the transaction online.

The service is a result of a pilot program which launched this summer and involved seven dealerships in Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Texas and Virginia. The program was a huge success and two dealerships noted their “close-rate nearly doubled with customers who used this online shopping solution.” As a result, [email protected] will be going national.

While it’s a little late and some dealerships might not offer the service until spring, Nissan’s vice president of ecommerce said “[email protected] gives customers what they’re asking for – the ability to purchase a vehicle on their terms.” Dan Mohnke added, the service is an “important first for Nissan” and will allow dealers to provide a better buying experience for customers.

Updated: December 21, 2020 — 9:53 pm

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