McLaren 720S And Ferrari F8 Tributo Meet Again To Settle Their Rivalry

A couple of months ago, Brooks from the DragTimes YouTube channel headed to the drag strip and pitted his McLaren 720S and Ferrari F8 Tributo against each other to see which is the quickest down the quarter-mile.


Much to the surprise of Brooks, it was the Ferrari that proved to be the fastest that day, beating out its British rival in two of the three races held. Eager to see if the F8 Tributo is indeed quicker than the 720S, he recently returned to the drag strip, this time with both cars on Toyo R888R tires and with a better driver in the McLaren.

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In the first of three races, Brooks got the slightly better launch while behind the wheel of the Ferrari but as the speeds started to build, the 720S breezed past the Ferrari and managed to set a blistering quarter-mile time of 9.947 seconds at 144.97 mph compared to the 10.318 seconds at 140.37 mph recorded by the Ferrari.

In the second race, the 720S and F8 Tributo got off the line neck-and-neck, yet once again it was the McLaren that proved to be too much for the Italian. For the third and final race, the drivers swapped cars and even though the Ferrari driver jumped the start and was red-lighted, the McLaren again claimed the victory, albeit by the smallest of margins.

Interestingly, Brooks reveals towards the end of the video that after these races were recorded, he discovered a more efficient way to launch the Ferrari and is confident it too can dip in the 9-second range.


Updated: December 21, 2020 — 2:34 am

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