Bentley Wants To Build Its Audi-Based Electric Sedan In The UK


Bentley is pushing for its forthcoming electric sedan to be assembled at its headquarters in Crewe, UK.

The car manufacturer’s new model is tipped to be based on the VW Group’s new Project Artemis architecture whose development is being led by Audi.

Details about Bentley’s Project Artemis-based EV are limited but company chief executive Adrian Hallmark told Autocar in a recent interview that the company wants to have the EV assembled and finished in the UK.

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“We are part of a group so we must prove we are the best option, but from a brand point of view, it is our mission to ensure everything can be built here,” Hallmark said. “Yes, it is feasible that we may get coated, unpainted bodies and then do the rest of the work – all the way through to the bespoke trim and interiors, but we have a proud record of adding value on the site that is exceptional. Today, I can say that the mission for this car is to have it in Crewe.”

Speaking about the new Project Artemis project more broadly, Hallmark said the fact that the automaker has been involved in the development of the architecture from day one will help it moving forward.

“Artemis is a derivative of a new electrical architecture. It will be the basis for multiple products in different segments. With our current cars, we had to get into engineering largely after the architecture had been done. We had to add bits as well as engineer the architecture for Bentley. With this new one [Artemis], we’re right in at the beginning defining what it needs to achieve for us. We’re a benefactor of it and paying a contribution, so we can give detailed engineering requirements from day one so it makes industrialization much easier for the company.”

Updated: December 21, 2020 — 11:11 am

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