SNL Mocks Lexus’ December To Remember Commercials

Christmas is one week away and that means automakers are heavily promoting year-end sales events with a holiday twist.

Many of them show spouses surprising their significant other with a new car. That’s not very realistic so Saturday Night Live decided to poke fun at Lexus’ December to Remember campaign.


Things start out innocently enough as a husband gives his wife the keys to a new Lexus RX. After the initial surprise wears off, the wife says “Are you f-ing kidding me, Nathan? Did you seriously buy a car without asking me?”

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Thing quickly go downhill as the wife explains they don’t have the money to afford it, much to the surprise of their son. It’s then revealed the husband hasn’t been working since March and it wasn’t because of COVID-19, because he was fired in 2019.

The laughs continue as the husband thought he got a deal on the RX as only $3,999 was due at signing. His wife asks how much the monthly payment is and it’s revealed the husband didn’t know there were monthly payments.

The skit ends as a neighbor, who recently loaned the husband money, comes over to demand payment after seeing their shiny new Lexus. He then reveals the wife has been cheating and the husband has a thing for his son’s girlfriend.

It’s a humorous take on a car commercial staple and a good remember that surprising your wife with a new car might not be the smartest idea.


Updated: December 19, 2020 — 12:15 am

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