You Wouldn’t Know It, But This Ferrari 458 Speciale Is Armored


This looks just like any other Ferrari 458 Speciale, doesn’t it? However, it differs in that it actually features armored protection.

A company by the name of AddArmor is behind this 458 Speciale and is using it to show to the world that armored vehicles don’t need to be extraordinarily heavy and that even mid-engined supercars can be armored without a huge impact on how they perform.

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AddArmor has outfitted the Italian supercar with B4-level protection that is able to repel attacks from handguns, including .44 Magnum rounds. This is achieved through the use of a special material that’s 10 times stronger than ballistic steel but weighs 60 per cent less. The armored protection adds 156 lbs (70 kg) to the car, but AddArmor has done all it can to offset that weight gain.

For example, it has fitted every carbon fiber option that Ferrari offers for the 458 Speciale, as well as a lightweight Capristo exhaust system. These upgrades mean the car weighs just 67 lbs (30 kg) more than when it left the factory. The exhaust system also adds 40 hp, meaning the weight gain should be impossible to notice.

AddArmor hasn’t specified exactly how much money was spent on modifying this 458 Speciale, but says this prototype is worth about $625,000. Similar armor upgrades are offered for all kinds of other exotics, while the armor protection can be uninstalled when it comes time to selling the car.

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Updated: December 18, 2020 — 2:03 am

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