McLaren’s Next Limited Hypercar, The Sabre, Spotted Driving Near Factory

Ah, to live in Woking, the little British town McLaren calls home, must be a delight. Because occasionally, you might get to see a brand new supercar just driving around. Take, for instance, this video of a McLaren Sabre, posted recently by a Redditor.

The video shows the hypercar going through an intersection, giving us a fine view of its front, side, and rear ends. You also get to hear a bit of the engine note, though, we’ll steer clear of trying to make judgments about what it producing them based on this noisy video.


Rumors, though, suggest that the engine will be the same twin-turbocharged V8 that is currently being used in the superlative Senna. There are a couple of reasons to believe and one is simply that the vehicle appears to be based on (though not exactly a copy of) the Senna GTR  and the Vision Concept made for Gran Turismo.

How much power it generates is, of course, is still a mystery, but rumors suggest that the 4.0L V8 will get assistance from a hybrid system. We know that the power-unit is good for more than 1,000 horsepower thanks to the McLaren Speedtail.

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Forming the backbone of the car, meanwhile, is expected to be McLaren’s familiar carbon-fiber tub. A massive rear wing and diffusor, meanwhile suggest that the Sabre will be a mighty track weapon.

McLaren Sabre prototype on the streets of Woking in Spyshot camouflage from r/cars

In what few official documents exist for the Sabre, it has also been referred to by the codename BC-03. “BC” stands for bespoke commission, according to McLaren tradition, and that means that there won’t be many of these. Some rumors suggest that this is a one-off, while others suggest that there could be as many as 15.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when McLaren will deign to show us the Sabre without camouflage, nor how much it will cost. A seven-figure price tag is highly likely, though.

Updated: December 17, 2020 — 7:37 pm

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