It Was Always A Rolls Royce: Move Aside Wagon Peasants, Your New King Is Here

We have to admit, you must be quite the wagon fan to convert a Rolls Royce Seraph into the ultimate long-roof machine, and apparently, someone is that person.


What you’re looking at is a bespoke late-1998 Rolls Royce Seraph Wagon that popped up for sale over in Italy, asking for €162,500 ($197k in current exchange rates). There are worse ways to spend $200k on a car, that’s for sure.

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In addition, this one-off wagon is very tastefully specified, featuring a beautiful two-tone blue-light blue paintwork over a cream leather interior, which appears to be in immaculate condition. Of course, that should be expected, since this car has done just 34,900 km (21,685 miles) since new.

We suspect that converting a Rolls Royce into the ultimate wagon wasn’t that hard, since there are plenty of coachbuilders tasked with turning them into posh hearses but that doesn’t mean this Seraph is any less special. Its conversion was executed by ‘British Cars’ in Verona, Italy.

The car also comes with a bespoke set of luggage that matches the leather interior, two extra umbrellas, a removable picnic table, and a hidden compartment where you can store your booze and two silver flasks for that rainy day.

If having a V12 purring away in the distance as you sit relaxed behind the wheel -or in the back seat, most likely drinking- while all your precious stuff is packed comfortably in that cavernous boot sounds like the dream that must become a reality, well you know what you have to do.

The one-off Rolls Royce Silver Seraph Wagon is offered by Magni & Carnevale Motors, an Italian dealer in Milan, and the clock is ticking so hurry up.

Updated: December 15, 2020 — 4:21 pm

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