Hyundai Creates A Special 45 EV Minicar For Children’s Barcelona Hospital

Hyundai has unveiled a special minicar version of the 45 EV Concept that’s being used to support young patients at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital in Spain.


The minicar uses the South Korean car manufacturer’s Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology that optimizes the vehicle depending on information from both inside and outside. For example, it monitors facial expressions, heart rate and respiratory rate and combines these readings with input from the vehicle including speed, acceleration, noise and vibration and uses this information to control systems like the lighting, climate control, music, and a fragrance dispenser.

The one-off minicar has been donated to the hospital where it will be used to support the mobility of young patients from hospital bed to treatment room, one of the most stressful trips for the children.

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“We want our technology to help improve the lives of our customers in various mobility spaces beyond the roads,” senior research engineer at Hyundai Motor, Jinmo Lee said in a statement. “We hope the EAVC technology on the minicar will provide a fun, safe mobility experience for young patients and help improve their health outcomes.”

Thanks to the Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control technology, the minicar displays green, yellow or red lights to reflect the child’s emotions in real time when they’re behind the wheel. It will then spray a fragrance in time with their breathing and can also blow bubbles.

“The hospital is very excited to have such a technology available for kids,” added head of the Pediatric Cardiology Department at SJD hospital Joan Sanchez de Toledo. “This will dramatically change the way patients will face treatment.”


Updated: December 15, 2020 — 10:57 am

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