This Tow Truck Driver Should Know Better Than Drag A Car On Its Rims


We don’t envy the job of tow truck drivers and based on some long-running reality television shows about the profession, such as Operation Repo, we are sure they often have to deal with some very disagreeable people, to put it mildly. However, not even that can excuse the tow truck driver in question.

This clip was recently posted up to YouTube and has since been shared on Reddit, where it has generated quite a lot of interest. It was filmed on I-95 in Philadelphia and shows a Cadillac and a Lincoln MKC being towed in a dangerous manner.

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For starters, the black Cadillac can be seen on the bed of the tow truck. Nothing unusual about that. What is unusual is the fact that the Lincoln MKC has been hitched onto the rear of the truck and is being dragged behind.

It’s not all that unusual to see a car being towed behind a truck like this, but ordinarily, it is not the drive wheels that are touching the ground (unless an axle lock is being used). The MKC is, of course, all-wheel drive and towing it with the rear wheels rolling along the road is a surefire way to wreck the all-wheel drive system. As if that wasn’t careless enough, the Lincoln was being towed on its rims as the tires were completely shredded, probably due to the SUV being involved in an accident prior to it being towed.


Updated: December 12, 2020 — 9:25 pm

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