Astonishing Paintjob Makes This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Look Like A Black Hole

There is no other Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in existence quite like this one and it all comes down to its mind-warping paint job.


Eager to try and make the blackest car possible, Fonzie from DipYourCar managed to acquire a paint known as Musou Black from Koyo Orient Japan. This paint can absorb a remarkable 99.4 per cent of light and has a dramatic effect on how the car looks.

During the painting process, the YouTuber applies multiple layers on every exterior panel of the Evo. He notes that Musou Black is quite delicate and isn’t ideal for something like a car, particularly given the harsh elements that cars continually face. Practicality aside, the results are jaw-dropping.

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The video of the car after its special paintjob is so bizarre that it almost doesn’t look real, so much so that the sight of it driving through a parking lot looks like a scene from a video game. The paint absorbs so much light that, apart from the glasshouse, wheels and front fascia, nothing but the silhouette of the Mitsubishi is visible.

As Jalopnik notes, this isn’t the first time a car has been painted in a shade of black as dark as this. Last year, BMW unveiled an X6 that was painted in Vantablack, a special paint from a company by the name of Surrey NanoSystems that can absorb 99.965 per cent of light, making it even darker than Musou Black. Vantablack is made up of tiny carbon nanotubes that are around 5000 times thinner than a human hair and it is these nanotubes that absorb light, rather than reflect it.


Updated: December 12, 2020 — 7:07 pm

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