Nismo Launches Restoration Service For Classic Nissan Skylines, Costs Over $400,000

Prices of valuable Nissan Skyline models have skyrocketed in recent years and thanks to a comprehensive restoration service recently announced by the Japanese car manufacturer, the iconic sports car will remain a highly-prized collectible for decades to come.

The program is run through the Nismo division and follows on from the launch of Nissan’s heritage project that has been reissuing and selling genuine parts for classic Skylines since late 2017. This new restoration service is incredibly comprehensive and hugely expensive.


Nissan’s restoration program first involves the complete disassembly of the vehicle. Nismo will then spray the shell and chassis in white paint and use advanced 3D measuring tools to find any imperfections and deformities in the chassis. If found, these are repaired. Customers can then choose to have the vehicle taken down to its bare metal where it is then dipped in an electrodeposition bath to protest the steel and get rid of all areas of rust.

Next, Nismo will use a machine to test the torsional rigidity of the car before proceeding to place melt sheets onto the floorpan for sound deadening and to reduce panel vibration. The body is then taken to the paint shop where owners can have it finished in the original color or choose something else.

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Meanwhile, the Skyline’s original RB26DETT engine is completely dissembled and built back up with rebuilt, overhauled, or new parts. The engine is then bench-tested before being given the tick of approval. Key areas of the suspension and braking systems are also rebuilt. What’s more, all of the original wiring is inspected and repaired if necessary.

Two options are available for the interior. Due to changes in flame retardant standards, Nissan cannot reupholster the cabin in period-correct materials. As such, customers can opt to have their interiors clad in the same materials as used in the current GT-R or request to have Nismo clean and restore the original materials. Before the keys of the restored vehicle are handed back to the owner, Nismo will put the car through a series of thorough tests at its proving ground.

Now for the price. Nismo quotes a standard reference price of 45 million yen, roughly $433,000. Of course, this figure will vary depending on how comprehensive a restoration the customer wants.

Updated: December 11, 2020 — 4:39 pm

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