Latin NCAP Advises Against Buying The Zero-Star Ka, Urges Ford To Make It Safer

After the Hyundai HB20, the Ford Ka, which is the second best-selling model in Brazil, was tested by Latin NCAP with the same disappointing result: a zero-star overall safety rating.


Tested in frontal and side impact, whiplash and pedestrian protection, with two standard front airbags and without the optional Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the Ka sold in Latin America crashed its way into a 34 percent Adult occupant protection, 9 percent Child occupant protection, 50 percent Pedestrian and 7 percent Safety Assist.

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“We as consumers should reject vehicles from car makers that offer world class standard safety in some markets, while in Latin America, they offer such poor protection levels as standard”, said Alejandro Furas, Latin NCAP’s Secretary General. “Latin NCAP encourages Ford and Hyundai to substantially improve the Ka and the HB20 standard safety to the same level of the new (Chevrolet) Onix very soon”. The latter is offered with six airbags and ESC and scored 5 stars for Adult and Child occupant protection.

In response to the result, Ford has pledged to make the Ka safer by launching it with standard side airbags and ESC in all versions. Latin NCAP has already tested the better-equipped version of the car, noting “improvements to the safety performance”, but they will not release the rating until the Blue Oval makes the key safety features standard across the range.

On a related note, Latin NCAP said that it does not recommend customers to buy zero- and one-star vehicles, nor models sold without ESC, side airbags and pedestrian protection.


Updated: December 10, 2020 — 11:08 pm

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