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Google Chrome extensions will have limited data access from 2021. Also, there will be a change in how permission works when an extension is installed to make the browser more secure. Google Chrome Product Manager Alexandre Blondin in a blog said that in the coming year, users will get to determine which websites the extension can access when they browse the web, instead of letting the extension decide. Google said that once the user grants an extension the permission to access a website’s data that preference can be saved for that particular domain.

A user can still decide to grant an extension access to all the websites he/ she visits, however it will no longer be the default.

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At present, a user can right-click on the Chrome extension in the toolbar pulls up a menu that has the option “This can read and change site data.” When selected, three options are shown, including when you click the extension, on that particular website, and on all sites.

Google also stated that it has been improving its developer policies to make extensions more transparent. From 18 January 2021, every extension will publicly display its “privacy practices” and use clear visuals and simple language to explain the data they collect and use.

The search engine giant also said that it is also limiting what developers can do with the data they collect.

The blog also stated that Google’s priority is to continue developing features that protect the data of users and keep them safe, while they choose extensions that help them get the best out of Chrome.

Updated: December 10, 2020 — 11:25 am

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