Jay Leno Gives Us A Treat With His 2004 Porsche Carrera GT


In the ever-competitive world of supercars, few are more desirable and well-regarded as the iconic Porsche Carrera GT.

When it was launched, the Carrera GT was essentially a race car for the road and Jay Leno owns one of them. In this clip, he showcases the mid-engined supercar and talks us through some of its peculiarities and what it has been like owning it.

Leno says that when he first took delivery of the Carrera GT, he was shocked by how low it was and found himself scraping its underside wherever he went. He got in contact with Porsche and was told there was a lift kit available that increased the ride height by about a quarter of an inch, reducing – but not eliminating – the scraping issue.

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He adds that he fell in and out of love with it during the first few years of ownership, describing how it would jump across lanes on the highway and was a bit of a handful to drive. He eventually discovered that the shocks were gone and after fitting a new set of shocks, has loved the car ever since.

Leno also tells an interesting story related to the death of Paul Walker who died in a horrendous crash while a passenger in a Carrera GT. Leno reveals that he once span a black Carrera GT on a track but gave testimony to support Porsche as lawyers pursued the automaker following Walker’s death claiming the car was dangerous.


Updated: December 9, 2020 — 7:22 pm

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